About Us

Life in the 21st Century has seen huge improvements to health and life expectancy, and yet we are still ailed with many preventable health issues. At Aqualine, it is our mission to supply only the very best in quality wellness products, to provide you with the tools to make your lives, healthier, happier and longer.

Top quality is a prefix that can be placed before all of our products. The products we sell outperform other similar products, because of their design, function, and build quality.

Our Ethos

Ask yourself, is my health average, below average, or above average, and can my health be improved? This very important question is the driving force behind Aqualine Appliances. As a leading distributor of wellness products, it is our goal to help you improve the health and vitality of your body and mind.

Many of us are living with health conditions brought on by the stressful pace of modern life, age related ailments, food intolerances, health issues related to an imbalanced diet. Ready meals and junk food have become a staple food group for some, leading to a growing number of individuals dealing with obesity. What should be mentioned here is that these health problems do not just negatively impact on the workings of your bodily functions, but can also have a markedly detrimental affect or your mood, cognition and general sense of wellbeing. With all this in mind, we have selected a range of products that can help you overcome what we have termed ‘obstacles to health and wellness in the 21st Century.’

The products and information that we provide, are designed to improve your sense of wellness as a whole, to repair the sometimes disjointed relationship between body and mind, brought on by the ‘obstacles to health and wellness in the 21st Century,’ and create an optimum sense of wellbeing.

What do we mean by ‘obstacles to health and wellness in the 21st Century’? First of all, let’s start with what we mean by wellness. Wellness is broadly defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the deliberate result of effort. We would like to add here that this deliberate effort must be an ongoing process, or a way of life, if you will. For example, we all hear of people going on diets, or may have gone on one ourselves from time to time, but good health and wellbeing can only truly be achieved and maintained through a continual process of eating a nutritious and balanced diet. The most difficult part of this, perhaps, is that it is more time consuming than some of the lesser healthy options. After a long day at the office, and a tiresome commute, arriving home to start cooking a meal from scratch isn’t always at the top of our list of priorities. Tackling this problem, or overcoming these obstacles, is where we hope to come in. The obstacle here is time and pace of life, so we must overcome this problem with an approach that is timesaving.

So, now let’s look at an example of how we tackle the obstacle of time with one of our product solutions; we have developed a range of products with the purpose of harnessing raw nutrients from fresh, unprocessed foods, but in quick, timesaving, easy ways. It was on this basis, that we decided a range of super blenders was absolutely necessary to our selection of products.

So again, ask yourself, is my health average, below average, or above average, and can my health be improved? And perhaps the most important question of all, how can my health be improved?

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Our Quality Promise

As wellness is an ongoing process, it is important to invest in quality products that will not let you down, while also delivering the very best in performance. Because of this, Aqualine only deals with the most reliable products, supplying only the very best in quality and efficiency. The market leaders in wellness products can all be found here. A component in the development of our product range is that we only source products from renowned manufacturers offering top quality products.

Our Company

Aqualine has grown as a company, since 2007. In this time it has become a market leader in the supply of wellness products. Within the Aqualine Group exists a range of sister companies, all geared towards improving health and wellness through carefully selected, high quality products.

Hassle Free Ordering

We have made the ordering process as simple as possible, and collect only the details that are needed for the order. We will never pass any of your information onto third parties.

Family Values

We are motivated to ensure you receive the highest levels of service, time and time again. As a customer of Aqualine, you can trust that this family run business is as passionate about achieving satisfaction as you are.

Personal Touch

Aqualine prides itself on excellent customer service. Like you, we want to be able to speak to the same person again, not a call centre. It is important to us that you feel valued, and have a positive experience with us, so there is no limit to the time we are prepared to spend discussing products or offering friendly advice, whether it be before or after a purchase.

Independent Company

Aqualine is an independent company committed to making sure that you buy the right products for YOU. We welcome your feedback on our products, and we are very proud of the community we have all created together.

Comprehensive Warranties

A minimum warranty of 12-months is included as standard on all our items direct from the manufacturers. Warranties do vary from item to item. Specific warranty information is provided on the particular product pages.


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