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Angel Juicer

I can confidently say this because I have experienced it myself.

After realizing the value of my health, I began researching into organic healing. The research has led me to wondrous effects of fresh produce. Further research has yield conclusion that one can gain more nutrients by consuming produce in juice form. I began to appreciate vegetable and fruit juices more and more and the decision to develop an effective juicer changed the course of my life.

After many trials and errors, God granted me the wisdom to develop a unique juicing system and the needs from all over the world have brought us to where we are today.

We are thankful and proud to introduce you with quality Angel juicers.
By owning Angel juicer, I welcome you to the Angel family on behalf of my company.

Over the past 30 years, countless members of the Angel family have consulted us with recipes, ways to drink, and effects of juices. And they have fully recovered their health without the help of modern medicine!

I am confident that you and your family will benefit from the gift of health that our juicers will give you just as many of other Angel family, including myself, have.

Thank you.

Moon Hyun Lee / president, CEO 

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